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WonKyu and Me

This is not my opinion about WonKyu. This is my inner conflicts about them lol orz Basically I'm rambling and word-vomit-ing with WonKyu as the subject.

Warning: This can be a mood-dampener, especially for WonKyu shippers, so don't read if you don't want your mood to be spoiled. You may not agree with me ^^;; Also, this may not make sense at all idek I'm in a confused state right now OTL

All the SS5BKK hype, especially the second day, left me feeling numb and confused rather than elated. Maybe it's only me, but I want to share a bit about this :)

I've been involved in fandoms for over ten years now, but Super Junior (and WonKyu specifically) is my first Real Person fandom. This caused me a huge dilemma at the beginning. My fandoms and ships before this one had always come from fictional materials, such as manga, anime, TV series, movies, etc. So when I fell for Kyuhyun and started liking WonKyu, I couldn't directly jump into writing fics as usual. It just felt wrong and weird to be writing about love stories (because my fics are mainly of the romance genre) involving two REALLY EXISTING people. This is, like, a really serious violation of rights.

But after a month or so, I started writing fics anyway because that's what I do when I ship. After a while I came into terms with that dilemma by thinking like this: The ones I ship are Super Junior's Siwon and Super Junior's Kyuhyun. They are different from Choi Siwon and Cho Kyuhyun because, let's face it, they're idols. Their job is to entertain. The Siwon and Kyuhyun we see on screen and on stage and even whenever they appear in public, are certainly not the real them. They're the idols, not the real people. I ship SJ's Siwon and SJ's Kyuhyun together romantically but not the real Choi Siwon and Cho Kyuhyun because hell, they're the only ones who can decide whom they want to date/marry/etc. and it has absolutely nothing to do with me. Idk if this makes sense for anyone else but that's how my logic works xp

So anyway, by thinking like that, I could finally start shipping in peace. This wasn't difficult a year ago, when they were still a crack pairing and bordering on obscure. I could think whatever I wanted about them because, well, they were nonexistent.

But then everything changed. I don't remember exactly when, but suddenly WonKyu wasn't an obscure pairing anymore. Something changed from the boys' side too. Siwon, the king of skinship, started doing more and more fanservice with Kyuhyun. We WonKyu shippers started getting OTP moments almost every time there was an event or a concert. I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't happy with all those moments, but I tried to tell myself every single time that it was just fanservice. That's what they do anyway. But things kept escalating and I was carried away by the shipping wave, and between receiving generous moments from OTP and having wonderful fellow shippers who would always be ready to scream about WonKyu with me, I guess I crossed the line somewhere.

And then came tonight. So far SS5BKK is the highest point for us all WonKyu shippers, starting from Siwon's saying "my love Cho Kyuhyun" to literally chasing Kyuhyun all over the stage and constantly touching him and ASKING FOR THE WONKYU BANNER FROM FANS. Oh, let's not forget his "Kyuhyun is mine" line and Kyuhyun's answering "I know", which, you know, practically killed. Minutes after the high was over though, the only thing I could feel is confusion because other than all those moments above, there was also this one: Kyuhyun's basically asking the fans "why fans always want us to kiss each other?"

We all know that Kyuhyun is not a touchy-feely sort of person. He doesn't really like doing fanservice, which is probably the reason why most WonKyu fanservices we've seen so far are initiated by Siwon. Usually, I'll be able to brush it off by saying that he's shy, tsundere, blablabla. This one, however, struck a different note in me. It felt like a slap to the face and I was like OHMAIGOD WHAT AM I DOING.

Idk maybe I've already begun thinking of them as real. I've crossed the line I set myself and it's just... it's not cool. It's not right >_< I still ship WonKyu with all my heart but they are SJ's WonKyu, not Choi Siwon x Cho Kyuhyun. If WonKyu turns out to be real, well, yes I'll be one of the happiest fangirls on earth but it honestly doesn't have to be that way. As a Kyu-stan, I only want him to be happy. I really hope that he does have someone right now, girlfriend or boyfriend, who can love and take care of him and whom he can love and take care of in return :')

ANYWAY, THAT'S A GREAT LOAD OFF MY CHEST LOL If you're still reading this, well, I'm just curious, am I the only one who has this sort of dilemma? xD

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August 4 2013, 16:51:10 UTC 3 years ago

so true, i honestly think the same. Siwon knows exactly what we want, that's why he initiated to do this and that, and that's because 'we want', well that doesn't mean they want it happen for real too. Yeah, maybe a word 'fanservice' is too mean and cruel for a delu shipper like me, but 'grant our request' is may the same as well.
Dunno, I'm happy yet confuse with all the massive moment. Huhu
This. So this. Siwon obviously knew what he did and why he did it. I really doubt that it was a sort of testament of "we are real!" or something. It was fanservice to my eyes but there is no reason why we couldn't enjoy it to the fullest either xD

I feel you /hugs


August 4 2013, 17:12:43 UTC 3 years ago

You're not the only one feeling that way. I'm a Siwon stan, and that alone should give you an idea of how frustrated I am over this whole shipping business. It saddens me whenever he gets hate for interacting with his members who happen to have their own "official" pairings. I’m pretty sure Eunhae shippers constantly refers to him as a cockblocker. The amount of hate he gets simply by interacting with his own members on stage makes me upset and I can never understand how anyone can hate on a REAL person over FICTIONAL pairings. Seriously, wtf.

I ship Wonkyu too but I never think that Wonkyu are “real”. To me shipping a pairing is never in a romantic way. I just think that Siwon absolutely adores Kyuhyun and I find that cute, that’s why I ship them. I don’t think that any of the OTPs are actually in lurvee and fucking like rabbits in private, although if they are, then hurrah \O/ however there are always those who are adamant that they are. Those shippers are delusional the reason why shipping is not as fun as it should be. Instead of spazzing over OTP moments, instead I feel worried just thinking about all the hate Choi is going to get because some people can’t seem to distinguish the fine line between reality and fantasy :\

…….I totally just unleashed all my frustrations to you omg I’m so sorry orz
Please don't be sorry :) I love Kyuhyun the most but Siwon is also in my fav list so I understand how you feel >.<

I can never understand how anyone can hate on a REAL person over FICTIONAL pairings -> I feel like quoting you here lol Because it's so, SO true. The amount of hate this guy gets from the shipping business is just absurd. Also, I'm really sorry that you can no longer spazz because you're worried about fan reaction to Siwon. It's just... hhhhhh /pulls hair out of frustration

I feel the same way too about the whole WONKYU-IS-REAL deal. Well, they're not. And they won't be until they say so in all seriousness.


August 4 2013, 19:44:35 UTC 3 years ago

that's true I loved your entry cuz it's just so true , fans are getting hyper over every little thing they do and for sure they know that and behave according to it sometimes .
it's very sad for me to say that but we've to face it , they're not real till the day the announce that , and when I say announce I mean a real one not just a funny fanservice they would do and some fans understand it like they want :(

I think what Siwon did today was on purpose, he knew for sure how to make the fangirls go crazy and use that in a perfect way .
and I've to agree with one comment here , as for me (a hardcore siwonest ) it really hurts me to see all the hate the man receive because what he do or not to do with his bandmates that's very unfair for him .

at the end I know that all of us love them all and wish them a happy life , not with the fans' fantasies but a real one :D
sorry for bothering you with that comment .

I enjoy shipping. It's a huge part of this fandom imo and it's fun, but when you bring it to the extreme... well, it's not fun anymore. I suppose there are times when we forget that as long as it's done on stage or behind a camera, then it's part of the performance and their idol lives >_< All the Siwon-hate is getting to me too. HE'S PERFORMING FOR GOD'S SAKES.

Yes, we can only wish them to be happy for real because after all, they have made it their job to make us happy :)

And no, it's not bother at all XP
i absolutely understand your initial thoughts with shipping ~real people. like you, i've only shipped characters from books and anime. when i first got into kpop/suju, and saw that fans actually pair these people up and ship them? i was totally creeped out. but then as i got more into the fandom, i realized shipping is inevitable! the boys know fans like fanservice, so they play it up....its like part of their job as idols even...
i started off as a kyu-stan who loved all and any kyuhyun interactions, girls and boys. i still do, but then i slowly started to favor certain kyu-pairings over others...and i tried so hard not to! lol. when you see the different chemistries on stage, its easy to pick one that appeals to you more than the rest. and as kyu-stans, pairings like wonkyu and qmi where kyuhyun is just showered with affection from those two, make us squeal louder than pairings like kyuhyuk and kyuwook where they play and bully each other and crack us up lol. (LOL SUPER RUN ON SENTENCE i hope you got what i was trying to say D: i cant word the thoughts in my head to save my life ;_;)

at the end of the day, its like you said, making sure you havent crossed the line that separates between shipping two idols on stage to believing them to be in a real relationship. luckily i find it quite easy for myself to differentiate the two lol...i must be the weird one haha
idk...i just do the same as you and think of them as characters... super junior's siwon and kyuhyun. ngl, when i see their moments on stage, i get super excited and squeal scream flip tables but its JUST for that moment... i dont want to egg it on, and if i were in that crowd i definitely wouldnt have been chanting for them to kiss. i was horrified that the members even started that honestly. O__O
i love seeing siwon and kyuhyun together, and if they turn out to be real thats amazing! but if either of them turns out to be in a romantic relationship with a significant other, thats amazing too! we just want them to be happy :)

OMG I'M SO SORRY THIS IS LONG i just wanted you to know that you are definitely not alone and i hope you are not more confused by my rambling LOL

Ahahaha I'm so glad actually. Please don't worry about the long rambling, I'm happy to know that other people experience the same thing xD

Yes, you're absolutely right about seeing their idol persona as characters. I feel better shipping them that way lol But unlike you, sometimes I get horribly confused OTL

Anyway, thank you ♥
Juicy, how are you?
HELLO FAAAAAAARF omg how are you??? xDDD LONG TIME NO SEE hehehe I'm okay? :D


August 17 2013, 07:03:07 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  August 17 2013, 07:21:51 UTC

It's nice to read something like this once in a while. Thank you. I myself never would like to go down that path of pondering the actual something between them as well. I know that path just leads to nowhere, for we would never ever be able to grasp the real feelings of anyone's heart. Never. There is mere interaction between idols and fans, called 'fan service', that we could enjoy, and obviously they also realize this fact. True, things have got sweetened and intensified lately, but somehow the word 'playing up' keeps bothering me and I miss their subtle chemistry and secret glances more. Am I weird? I don't know - those seem more believable and delicate. So it's sad that wonkyu lost its charm (at least to me) a little. ^ ^* Love and support still.

You're very welcome ^^ I myself am relieved to see that there are people like me hahahaha. You're right, I love the old WonKyu better too, because their interaction wasn't overplayed, and that's why when it happened, it was more precious and just more beautiful imo. Oh well.


August 31 2013, 20:50:00 UTC 3 years ago Edited:  August 31 2013, 21:03:02 UTC

100% agree with everclear24.

and like you said "I still ship WonKyu with all my heart but they are SJ's WonKyu, not Choi Siwon x Cho Kyuhyun."
I don´t really care what they do in they private time. It´s their life and I just wish for their happines.

Ok, after this is cleared I really want to say that I feel beyond annoyed when I see fans claiming that their OTP is REAL (and you can feel/see they are not joking), fans who go "Look it´s X and Y hugging." and even if you look at the picture with a zoom tool you won´t find them because those are X and Z. I would rather not say anything about youtube (I don´t mean the OTP videos or fan fiction trailers) where you expect to see the top comment to be about the group´s performance and not an OTP thing and a lot more. My opinion is, if you want to ship than good for you. But pls, don´t cross the boundaries and pls do it in places that are meant for it. ---> Hope you get what I mean. It´s hard for me to express myself in English :))

I don´t know ... sometimes I feel bad for the boys. It´s ridiculous how some members get bashed just because they interact with their members/friends.

I´ll stop my ramblings here XD ... I´m really sorry that you have to read all of this ... but this is my first time ever to comment on this topic and all that pent up frustration just came out hahaha.

so the answer to your question is: NO, you are definitely not alone :P

PS: I don´t think I have ever commented on your lj ... but I really love your WK stories yaaay~ :D
OMG SO WHAT HAPPENED IS THIS. I read your comment on my phone and decided to reply later when I got home to my laptop but then of course... I forgot orz orz orz

AHAHAHAHA YOU CANNOT IMAGINE MY GLEE WHEN I READ THIS PART: I really want to say that I feel beyond annoyed when I see fans claiming that their OTP is REAL. Because I'm just so terribly irked by the exact same thing but I only knew one person other than me who felt that way too but then you came along and alsdkfjaskg ♥♥♥

I don't think I've ever seen anyone discuss this fact vs. fiction issue either, so feel free to get things off your chest xD I like hearing people's opinions on this too.