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This is a journal for my babbling, old fics, meme, fangirling, polls, and general randomness. For new fanfics and further updates, please go to ofskyempires or see the masterlist here.

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Gen - snow wolf

a sort of update

Feels like I've been neglecting this journal for some time ;A; Basically I discovered Tumblr and... yeah, it's seriously one of the most ridiculously time-consuming SNS. Hence my disappearance orz I've been spending more and more time over there, so if anyone wants to add me over there, here's the link. Warning: It's very Super Junior-biased >>;
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Gen - snow wolf

um sorry picspam again

A small notification first for my f-list. I'm officially in the Super Junior fandom now, so feel free to de-friend me if my many recent postings about them bother you orz Because more is definitely coming now that they're starting their comeback >>;

Anyway, here's a spam of their teaser pictures for the new album ♥

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