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Here be the first two sentences of 25 WonKyu drafts I'm working at the moment. Pretty sure most of these will never see the light of day /sighs

1. The first thing about people like them is they don’t fall in love. They simply don’t.

2. The old man is ailing. Siwon knows what it means, at this time and age.

3. Their respective position of master and servant notwithstanding, Hyukjae, predictably enough, was the one beyond ecstatic at the prospect of a shooting party at Harpscourt.

4. “You’re so fucking hot.” “I can see that.”

5. Once upon a time, there was a man who did not believe in the workings of Fate. And for this offence, She punished him.

6. When Kyuhyun opens his eyes, night has swallowed the sun. It is to darkness and a strange room that he struggles to regain his vision.

7. “To be a god is to be lonely.” “Say it in the company of your innumerable conquests and we shall see how laughable it is,” is his sardonic reply.

8. What happened was this: he kissed a girl, and not in front of the right camera.

9. It had taken him fourteen weeks of planning and fourteen more of acting it out to finally get where he was. The bed was large, a luxurious spread of white silken sheets and soft pillows designed for nothing else but comfort.

10. He arrives with a large bouquet of white and purple flowers. The others have already left, Siwon discovers when he notices a basket of fruits on the table next to the hospital bed.

11. The hour was late. The map was a blur in front of his eyes and his fingers shook slightly when they traced black lines and dented curves which played substitute to rivers, hills, and forests on parchment.

12. They first met during the Park Hong-wan case. Yunho introduced him as Kyuhyun, and the dark eyeliner and sharp-lined nose are two things Siwon noticed first.

13. Siwon likes to fuck. He fucks men and women alike; details such as gender and looks matter very little to him, as long as the other party can hold his full attention for the length of the encounter.

14. Donghae discovers how it feels to have the sky come crashing down on him when Kyuhyun suddenly stops talking mid-sentence and crumbles to the floor. He stands closest to the president, but Sungmin is the first to react.

15. Siwon had a problem. It was neither a particularly major nor an especially significant problem.

16. Kim Dongwan is the first. Kyuhyun receives the news of his death while he is sprawled naked on the leather couch in Siwon’s office.

17. The most heart-breaking thing about breaking up is not the separation. It’s not the ringing emptiness in your head.

18. Stories that begin like theirs rarely end well. The problem is, Siwon doesn’t realise that there will be a story when they meet.

19. Everyone knows what they are. Or at least, his entire crew does.

20. The Academy was rife with colours, halls and gardens flying the banners of the Federation along with those of the Admiralty. Cadets in white-and-blue uniforms filled the great hall, forming evenly spaced rows and columns on a floor of gleaming marble.

21. There have always been the three of them. Childhood friends, growing up together.

22. The boy was pale, only a little younger than him, and really, really pretty. He was hiding between a dusty, an empty bookcase and a cabinet filled with his late father’s collection of curios.

23. Managerial duties, in Yongsun’s opinion, should be limited to the professional side of things. Organising schedules. Fielding complaints. Facilitating requests. Dealing with emergencies.

24. The first time he laid his eyes on Kyuhyun, the younger man was leaning over a dead body. Siwon stopped a few steps away, his boots sinking deeper into rain-diluted earth.

25. It had been very different, a year ago. The birthday cards sitting on his desk were fewer now.

/sighs again
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