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Hi everyone :)

This is a small plea for help. My mother, as some of you already know, has been hospitalised for almost two months now. Her case is a series of complications, starting when she fell down on July 12 and broke the head of her femur (thigh bone).

Basically that part of the bone shattered due to the collision and it must be replaced with a synthetic bone, but another problem arose. When she fell down, she had a minor heart attack and because of this, the condition of her heart deteriorated and the cardiologist strongly advised us to postpone the surgery because anaesthesia is dangerous for a weak heart. Other than that, my mum also suffered from high blood pressure and a serious case of gastric ulcer, which is problematic for many types of the medicines she has to take. The functions of her kidneys are also not good anymore, although not yet to the point where she has to undergo weekly hemodialysis.

We waited for a total of ten days, during which she was constantly dosed with painkillers and also given various medicines to strengthen her heart somewhat. Despite the wait, she went into surgery with us knowing that the risk was relatively large (her heart was only 70% functioning). Thankfully, the surgery was a success. She was recuperating and due to begin physical therapy when suddenly, on the third day after the surgery, she began experiencing difficulty breathing. That evening, she was admitted into the ICU again.

What happened was, the condition of her heart had deteriorated again due to the surgery. Now it was down to 35%. A medical ventilator was set up to help with her breathing and she used this machine for almost a week. She stayed in the ICU for 15 days.

A few days after she was back into a normal hospital room, she was starting therapy again and could already take a few small sips of water. She seemed listless all the time, but we thought it was just because of the long process and also now that she had started moving her leg again, her new bone was giving her a lot of pain. Five days later though, we discovered that she had internal bleeding.

For the third time, she was admitted into the ICU. A gastrologist performed an gastroscopy on her (that is, inserting a small camera into her stomach and intestines to see what's wrong). Heavy bleeding was found in the stomach, but the gastrologist could not stop it because it was bleeding too heavily and he could not pinpoint where the source was. The bleeding had to be stopped first, so on the day after, she underwent a minor surgery to determine which artery was causing the bleeding, and after it was determined, a coil was inserted to stop the blood flow into that particular area so the bleeding could be stopped.

She underwent this procedure twice and had three coils inserted in total because apparently there were more than one sources of bleeding. Now that the bleeding had decreased, the gastrologist could 'clip' any remaining open wound. Afterwards, her bleeding seemed to have stopped, but she soon had difficulty breathing again. Her heart weakened again because of all these procedures.

I don't think I need to describe the emotional and physical exhaustion this has caused my father, my sister, and me. To this day, mum's still in the ICU, still breathing with the help of the ventilator (although we're hopeful that it can be taken off in the next few days or so). There is, however, the other side of using the hospital's services, which is the cost. Mum has stayed in the hospital for a total of 51 days, and a month of it is spent in the ICU. The cost of her medicine alone can reach US$ 800 per day, including injections and IV drips. To this day, the total cost has reached US$ 70,000 or around 700 million rupiahs.

If you can make a small donation, we'll be very very grateful :) Please click the donation button below:

Or if you're an Indonesian, you can probably donate directly to this BCA account: 0657022890 (A/N: Dhammakshanti Paramita) -> this is my sister, sharl

If you cannot, however, a prayer for her speedy recovery will be enough too. And this might sound silly, but I've written a lot of fics in the last ten years or so. If perhaps you have felt some pleasure or enjoyment from reading them, I hope you will pray that she at least can feel the same enjoyment in life instead of the constant pain and despair she must be feeling right now.

Anyway, thank you for reading and may you always be healthy :)

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