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Drabble Request #3 - New

It has been so long since I opened the last drabble request and I'm not sure if people still want them. So now I'm opening a new one!

This is an interesting concept a friend of mine suggested. Please choose a fandom and pairing/character, then a letter. Make sure that the letter hasn't been requested and your prompt must begin with that letter. Please keep the prompt to one or two words because I'm weird like that. Everyone can have up to two requests. Yaoi, yuri, het, I don't mind, though as usual there are exceptions.

Fandom: Code GEASS, Gundam SEED, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden. That's it for now.

Exceptions: LuluSuzaLulu, AsuKiraAsu, KuroFai. There may be more in the Code GEASS fandom, depending on my mood.

So, uh, fire away ^^

A: Addiction: (Code Geass, Suzaku/Suzaku, articflame)B: Blood (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Syaoran/Syaoran, kerina)C: Church (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, meine_liebe)D: Dakishimete (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, faded_requiem)
E: Exhibitionism (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, xtainted_blackx)F: Fever (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, naqam)G: Glory (Gundam SEED, Ssigh/Athrun, raiknii)H: Hickey (Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku, articflame)
I: Intuition (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kurogane/R!Syaoran, ikui)J: Jealousy (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, xtainted_blackx)K: Kingdom Come (Code Geass, Lelouch/Milly, ladyassassin27)L: Lovers (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, clair3)
M: Me (Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku(Arthur), sasunaru4eva)N: Noir (Code Geass, Schneizel->Suzaku<-Gino, ladyassassin27)O: Overprotective (Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku, jhisksan)P: Psychosis (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, destinedcarcass)
Q: Quantum Theory (Suikoden V, Ferid/Arshtat, dreamzworld)R: Reflection (Code Geass, Schneizel/Kanon, colonize)S: Sunshine (Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku, clair3)T: Tautology (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, xoxeskel)
U: Utopia (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kurogane/R!Syaoran, antheurica)V: Vermiglio (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, antheurica)W: Welcome home (Code Geass, Suzaku/Suzaku, clones)X:
Special Request: King (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku, sasunaru4eva)Y: Yarn (Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku, destinedcarcass)Z: Zoo (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku + Lloyd, naqam)Private Request: Code Geass, Gino/Suzaku, rkold

Okay, now that all letters have been claimed, this drabble request is officially closed. Thank you for everyone who has given me prompts! Please be patient while I plod through them XD

Progress: 18/27
Tags: !drabbles

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