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Drabble: Crime and Punishment (Schneizel/Suzaku)

Title: Crime and Punishment
Prompt: Jealousy (Code Geass, Schneizel/Suzaku)
Requester: xtainted_blackx
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Smut, and rather graphically written too…
Disclaimer: The title is Dostoyevsky’s. Forgive me for using the title of such a great, profound work for something like this.
Word Count: 1429 (I have failed)

Notes: Again, an extension of Infinity. This one is supposed to take place in the future, where their ‘relationship’ is already steadier in many ways.

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Suzaku had decided, from a very long time ago, that the thing he hated the most about Schneizel was his cunning.

And currently, also his hands.

He squeezed his eyes shut, swallowing a curse that slithered under his tongue and feeling it sink angrily into his stomach. He hated how those hands traced the inside of his palm, feather-light touches that followed tangled lines and old scratches long since marking the flesh. He hated how they flitted across his chest, leaving the skin tingling, wanting more, needing more, anything. He hated how they found his knees, teased the damp, sensitive skin under until he was biting his lips and spreading his legs wider in an effort to ease the throbbing between them. He hated how they then very slowly, leisurely making their way up, mere little tiptoes that offered everything but gave nothing, before vanishing at the juncture of his thigh.

Mostly, he hated how they touched him everywhere but there.


“What did I tell you?” Dangerous tone, eyes dark, mouth unsmiling. Suzaku felt something inside him wilt, only to be engulfed by a violent spark of desire as a finger brushed over his stomach, much too close to his arousal.

He caught the small whimper just in time before it slipped past his lips. The rules. Not a sound was to be made. Not a touch. He was to be silent, passive, only accept what was offered and never ask for more. Suzaku honestly didn’t know what had triggered this treatment in the first place, but the prince was wearing that one look which spoke very clearly that his actions were not to be questioned tonight. And so he lay on the bed, panting, hands forbidden to do anything but twist and pull at the silky sheets as his master touched, stroked, teased.

“I…” he breathed out sharply when a thumb flicked over his left nipple – he was shamefully, painfully hard, “I don’t understand…”

There was a quiet chuckle, cutting into the heavy curtain of desire which seemed to drape over them. “This morning I heard somewhat disturbing news,” the older man replied, his voice a low hum on Suzaku’s neck, “regarding your behaviour.”

Behaviour? The word floated in vain in his mind, unanswered and unheeded. He sucked in a gasp as two fingers traced the inside of his thigh, caressing back and forth slowly, making his muscles clench and his cock twitch. But the prince remained unaffected in his torturously slow strokes and Suzaku was left trying to hold himself back from mangling the pillow under his head.

“What…behaviour, Schneizel-sama?” he finally managed to ask, wincing at the breathy sounds his throat was making. The dark, velvety laugh in front of his ear did not help.

“That, I’m afraid, you must discover by yourself, Lord Kururugi.”

Suzaku gritted his teeth, frustration mixing thickly with helplessness as he felt himself harden even more. The title , and the sound of his lord’s voice was nearly enough to drive him mad with desire. In this condition, there was practically no way he could ever figure out–

...oh. Oh.

The night before – Claire’s birthday. Suzaku blinked, and then whined softly, hips twitching when the fingers trailed down, close enough to his entrance and yet not. His mind made a frenzied hunt into the vault of his memory. They had been celebrating, almost forty of them in total, knights, officers, sergeants, privates. Everyone was talking, laughing, and somewhere between tall glasses of liqueurs and a patchy, barely coherent conversation on the benefits and detriments of high-heeled boots, the queen of the party had ordered him to kiss Jacques.

It had been rowdy, messy, with the drunken crowd whistling, clapping, and generally disturbing other patrons of the bar. He didn’t quite remember how it had gone, and it certainly did not explain how his master could have found out. But Suzaku had learnt not to be surprised by anything concerning the prince – especially not when he had said prince’s fingers hovering so temptingly above his tight, throbbing balls.

“So… this is a punishment, Your Highness?” he rasped out, struggling to breathe properly despite the small flicks of not-quite-there touches.

“Punishments are not supposed to be enjoyable,” Schneizel said and the mocking edge in his voice was not lost on Suzaku – only he was unable to care very much at the moment.

“I do not–” he started but his denial was quickly swallowed by a sharp gasp as the prince’s hand finally claimed his arousal in a firm grip. His entire body jerked and the strangled moan which echoed off four crisp corners of the room made him very much aware of how close he was – if only his master would allow him.

“You do not?” Schneizel prompted, but Suzaku could not for the life of him attempt even the most perfunctory reply right now. His hips bucked helplessly as the fingers traced the length of his cock, following wet curves into a dipping slit. His body already felt it was strained so much that it was about to burst. He dug his head into the pillow to ease the building pressure, half-listening to the garbled ‘please please oh yes please’ leaving his mouth like a frenzied chant.

“You do not seem to be able to follow orders very well today.”

The detached tone, dragging each word through pools of threats and intimidation sent a chill down his spine. Suzaku sobbed desperately when the hand left him with a small, final flick to the tip of his erection. It ached beyond belief and the fact that his master did not touch him anywhere else only made it worse. He rubbed his thighs, his calves on the sheets, with each other, seeking for friction to keep his mind away from the painful throbbing between his legs.

“Look at me.”

Suzaku snapped his eyes open at the order and almost squeezed them shut again when the hand returned to torment him, stroking his cock, teasing the swell of his balls. He gasped and panted and those beautiful, beautiful violet eyes were looking at him, watching him so intently that his face burned with shame and need so powerful he couldn’t hold it back anymore. It was all too fast, the stroking, the pace, the short gasps between his moans, and he came with violent spasms, breathless, disjointed whimpers that might be his master’s name on his lips.

It was a slow descent from the height of his orgasm. He blinked a few times to clear the mist over his eyes and noticed then, the unconcealed laughter in the older man’s eyes, along with some kind of faint satisfaction that made him shiver despite himself. Suzaku felt a scowl drawing his brow together when he realised that he was only being toyed with. The prince had not actually been angry with him.

“That was…”

“Phenomenal?” Schneizel suggested, eyebrows arched in amusement when his knight fumbled for words in a pause.

“…unfair,” Suzaku finished with a glare.

“Indeed,” his master smiled and proceeded to claim his mouth in a kiss. The act was unexpectedly sweet and tender, a gentle echo of the earlier teasing, only not as cruel. Suzaku felt acutely how it calmed him down, coaxing cold lumps of the remaining tension out of his aching muscles as he resigned himself to the slow caresses of the prince's tongue. His hands, stiff from clutching the sheets too tight, moved to touch, caress the length of his lord’s arms, the strong built of his shoulders, and he found himself sighing in contentment. This kind of contact was what he had been deprived of earlier, the true extent of his 'punishment' - and he hated that, not being able to feel anything past the all-consuming desire, and Schneizel knew it.

“It was a punishment,” he accused, but could not properly arm his voice with the necessary amount of anger and bitterness to make it sound like one.

“Of course it was,” the prince answered smoothly, his left hand once more on a voyage across the expanse of bare skin generously laid out under his fingers. “The first of many, in fact.”

Suzaku couldn’t help the sudden, helpless laughter bubbling up his throat as warmth tickled his insides. He saw the smile on his master’s face and felt his lips curve in return, loving how the moment settled between them just so. There was perfection in this, and the thought filled him with pleasure as he linked his arms around the prince’s neck.

“Yes, Your Majesty.”



Tags: !drabbles, !series: infinity, fandom: code geass, pairing: schneizel/suzaku

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