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Drabble: From the Other Side (Suzaku/Suzaku)

Title: From the Other Side
Prompt: Addiction (Code Geass, Suzaku/Suzaku)
Requester: articflame
Rating: PG, I think
Word Count: 841

Notes: A sort of prologue to the Offset universe, seen from R1!Suzaku's POV. Very weird though. Please forgive the Clamp-esque atmosphere of this drabble. I think clonecest has really poisoned me…

For those who requested in non-CG fandom, please be patient. I’m figuring things out because it has been so long since I wrote anything non-CG. All requests will be fulfilled though. This I promise you.

And there are only three letters left for the drabble request. Anyone who hasn’t made any request or has only made one, this is your chance!

Request Table


It was a long, dark corridor. Black obsidian glasses formed its lofty walls, cold, haughty, unfriendly, and yet it tugged on his heart. Its mysterious calls had the power to beguile and his feet fell for them, gaining one step after another, and another.

He had never reached the end of the corridor.


Days flitted in and out, a parade of motions and colours but with little to no meaning. Lelouch, after his request, had never so much as looked at him anymore save for a few furtive glances in a silent classroom. Suzaku preferred it that way – he would not drag Lelouch down in the eye of his friends only because he desired a little companionship. But sometimes, sometimes he lost the battle and Suzaku would find himself stealing sidelong looks at the direction of his old friend. The sight of Lelouch with his head turned slightly toward the window, eyes probably closed in a spell of sleep, made him smile a little.

Lelouch glanced at him. He glanced at Lelouch.

Their eyes never met.


One night, the corridor ended.

A wall stood in its place, pieced by the same obsidian glasses and slivers of haughtiness. A mirror hung at the centre, dark and framed with silver carvings. It had lost much of its lustre and now only a dull shine distinguished it from the rest of the wall.

He took his final step, and looked into the mirror. His reflection stared back, green eyes widening in surprise, and it was then when he realised that there was something wrong.

His reflection, he noticed, wore a white suit and a blue cape he had never seen and certainly never worn before.

And then his lips moved, slowly forming words, and Suzaku blinked awake.


He went to school as usual that day, endured the same silent treatment his classmates insisted on giving him. Dreams never bothered him – he had enough trouble with real people as it was.

When the intercom chimed and Milly Ashford’s voice echoed throughout the school grounds, Suzaku still had no idea what the day had in store for him.

…the cat has something in its possession…whoever manages to catch it…

He saw the cat darted past, and promptly gave chase, only responding laughingly to Lelouch’s panicked remonstrances.


There was never any sound. His reflection would try to speak, lips moving uncertainly, almost doubtfully, and still Suzaku could hear nothing. For his part, he had asked his own questions – who are you, what are you doing here, are you me, why are you trapped in a mirror.

There was never any answer.


His days were better now, after the incident with Arthur. Lelouch could openly smile at him and the calculating gleam in his eyes was once again more evident than ever – but this was the Lelouch he knew from days long gone under the glare of a summer sun, and so Suzaku openly smiled and laughed in return. Nunnally held his hands and whispered words and giggles in his ears. Rivalz asked many questions about his past but stayed away from any sensitive detail as best as he could. Shirley’s smiles were wide and friendly and her face was tinged with red when he caught her staring at Lelouch. Nina’s glances remained mistrustful but she was at least learning to laugh when there were others in the room. Milly watched them all like a mother one second and proceeded to bombard them with more of her bizarre ideas on the next.

Suzaku decided that he was happy.


His nights were worse now, after discovering the mirror. He made the journey down the corridor every night and his reflection would be there at the end, looking at him, puzzling at his existence like he did to him. They would always begin with words, spoken in hushed voices although there was no one around to listen but them. After it was clear that one couldn’t hear the other, they would stand there and stare from each side of the mirror, at each other, once more trying to figure out many why’s and how’s.

One night, his reflection raised a hand and touched the mirror. His fingers easily went through the glass and Suzaku watched, taken aback but intrigued, as they lingered there, in between, in hesitation.

Then he made his move and lifted his own hand to meet the other’s. It was warm under his touch, very much like a living being with real flesh and blood, not a reflection trapped in a mirror. Their fingers explored each other, first unsure, and then with more confidence as familiarity sank in. Suzaku shuddered but didn’t let go – neither did the other boy, as they continued to share many small, curious touches.

The feeling lingered on his skin, making his heart pound violently in his chest even when he had suddenly been jolted awake from the dream, and now was left staring blankly at the dark ceiling as it frowned down at him.

Suzaku never saw him again.


Until one day.



*bangs head*
Tags: !drabbles, fandom: code geass, pairing: suzaku/suzaku

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