February 8th, 2008

Gen - snow wolf

Fic: Walking Nightmare (Schneizel x Suzaku)

Title: Walking Nightmare
Author: Jusrecht
Pairing: Schneizel x Suzaku with many allusions of SuzaLulu and SuzaEuphie
Rating: M
Warning: Contains sex scenes and lots of mindfucking and self-torture. I’m very, very cruel, especially to those I love, and Suzaku has the misfortune of being my current obsession.
Disclaimer: Code GEASS belongs to Sunrise. Suzaku’s warped logic and masochistic tendencies are the result of my own frustration.
Challenge: 30_nights  #40. It's just a nightmare.

Summary: Escaping from one and falling into another; pitfalls, they are called.

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