May 22nd, 2008

Gen - snow wolf

Doujinshi Scans "Camellia"

Now I know why people tend to keep their doujinshis to themselves...

Anyway, this is scanned by me, though most of the credit should go to rkold because the scans wouldn't be here if she didn't give me the doujinshi in the first place XD Anyway, enjoy!

Pairing: Past SuzaLulu and present SchneizelxSuzaku maybe, I'm not sure.
Rating: This is probably the most G-ish doujin I've ever seen...
Circle: Monthly Planetes (visit the site, definitely worth the time)
Size: 3,5 MB
Links: Download from RapidShare

If someone can read Japanese and is kind enough to share what is ACTUALLY they're talking about, I will be most grateful.