August 25th, 2008

Gen - snow wolf

Fanfic: At The Point Of His Sword (1/4)

Title: At the Point of His Sword (1/4)
Fandom: Code GEASS
Characters/Pairing: Gino/Suzaku, some Lelouch/Suzaku, a little past Gino/Anya
Rating: PG-13 at most
Warning: Humour, crack, excessive fluff, whirlwind romance, not-crippled!Nunnally, Lelouch being jealously possessive (and the author making fun of him to her utmost enjoyment), Gino extensively quoting Shakespeare, and silliness in general. And, uh, wordiness.
Word Count: 5748
Summary: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ gone horribly wrong. Total AU.
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