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List of SS stories

Since I'm writing so many Schneizel/Suzaku fics which are related to one another, I'll list the stories here in order of reading to make things simple for those who are interested.
00. Fairy Tale
01. Infinity
02. Gambits Within Gambits
03. Set To Pieces
04. Outside Understanding
05. Palace of Illusions
06. Knightly Duties
07. Before Dawn
08. Of Falling and Rising
09. Between The Lines
10. Mire (and 10.5 The Dreamer)
Interlude I: A Matter of Punctuality
11. As Shadow Stirs
12. Haunted
13. Hour of the Witch
14. The Right to Bleed and Marked for Life
15. King of Spades

I have also written a few drabbles which take place in the Infinity universe. They are not in any reading order.
All Knights Are Britannian or They Are Not Knights
Crime and Punishment
The Suit and the Coat
Come the Gilded Morning
In Sickness and Health
Breathe Infinity
My Sacrifice

Schneizel/Suzaku 1sentence in Invinity-verse: A Lifetime Blinded and Chained
Tags: fandom: code geass, pairing: schneizel/suzaku

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