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Drabble Request #2

Writing drabbles seems to be a healthy brain exercise, so I'm opening another drabble request.

Rules: Strictly Code GEASS until someone can persuade me to do another fandom. Comment in here with who the character/pairing is and the prompt you want (one or two words is preferable). It's okay to request the same character/pairing a few times, as long as the prompt is different.

While I'd love to say that I can do any pairing, I don't think I can write either Lelouch x C.C. ot Suzaku x Kallen. Sorry to fans of those pairings, but you can request practically anything else. I'll write the drabble (mostly around 300-800 words), though if you're lucky, the prompt may spawn a ficlet XD

And for those whose drabble(s) I haven't finished yet, you can request another once I have ^^;

Edit: Sorry folks, but I think I must cap Gino/Suzaku for this round because I already got three requests on this pairing XD Any other pairing, fire away!
Edit#2: I think that's it for this round. If anyone else wants to request, please do it in the next round. For now, go me! XD

1. C.C./Kallen, requested by clown_donkey (prompt: make-up)
2. C.C./Kaguya, requested by rkold (prompt: cosplay)
3. Gino/Suzaku, requested by rkold (prompt: stuffed animal)
4. Gino/Suzaku, requested by kerina (prompt: rain and music)
5. Gino/Suzaku(!!), requested by liliakicks (prompt: "live!" geass)
6. Zero/Suzaku, requested by daemonicangel (prompt: spoils of war/quid pro quo)
7. Jeremiah/Rivalz, requested by sumeragiskank (prompt: teacher/student relationship)
8. Schneizel/Clovis, requested by ladyassassin27 (prompt: saying goodbye)
9. Gino and Lelouch, requested by assoil (prompt: fighting over Suzaku)
10. Kallen and Gino, requested by faded_requiem (prompt: who are you trying to protect?)
Tags: !drabbles, fandom: code geass

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