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D18 Drabble-Off with Kaitbb round 2!

Another drabble-off with electricsong! This time we gave each other songs to work with and lmao for some reasons Owl City was both in our lists fffff THIS IS FATE I TELL YOU. GLORIOUS FATE.

Warning: Angst, sap, angst, sap, angst, sap… basically I blame Kaitbb for giving me Vanilla Twilight as one of the songs ;w; Aaaaaand yes, I totally cheated all the way through orz

Note: Here is Kaitbb's entry! Which has grown into a multi-chaptered epic


t.A.T.u. – Robot

Once, their enemy had been other Families, vying for territories and blood money.

The authorities rarely came into the picture. Resourceful heads of Families knew how to bribe, to threaten, to dip their fingers just a little into these people’s lives for the sake of letting them know: we could. The outsiders would stay on the outside, away from their dark underworld, and as long as these rules were obeyed, all would be well.

But two worlds existing side-by-side could not remain mutually exclusive forever. One would inevitably spill into the other’s cup—a murder that went wrong, a mistake that killed civilians, sometimes a rage-governed vengeance with no regard to rules—and all hells would break loose.

This group had been hunting for mere six months and already ten Families had crumbled to their knees. They had skill, they had stealth, speed, information, and best of all, they had methods. They were familiar with the map of affiliations between Families, how to trigger a chain reaction with the least amount of troubles, which Families to strike first in order to weaken the pyramid quickly, even whom to strike to cripple the entire structure in a matter of days.

They were hell-bent to destroy the Cosa Nostra.

Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies

A Family as influential as the Cavallone was both an obvious and a difficult target. Dino thought he had done well to dodge the bullets so far—and immediately felt guilty. More than thirty of his men had died, mostly for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and currently he was in no better predicament.

To attempt communication with the Vongola was his first mistake. He would have done better going into hiding and lying low until he could figure out a way out of this mess. Tsuna could hold on his own and Kyouya, no one could kill Kyouya. He was just too stupid to believe it.

The second mistake he had made was to respond to the message. It could have been Tsuna, it could have been them. For once Dino had gone against his instincts and now here he was, trapped and surrounded in an old warehouse with two of his men dead at his feet. Way to go down after succeeding to hide for months.

There were five of them, each in a different position which would allow a clean shot in case he tried to make a run for the door. Dino took a deep breath, but he couldn’t think straight anymore. His entire body was numb. He momentarily thought of his wife and four-year-old son; they were as safe as they could be right now, but these people took no chances. The only way they could be sure was to pull each plant to the roots until nothing was left in the earth. The wife and son of Dino Cavallone would be hunted down—and murdered.

It was the thought that distracted him. The first man surprised him from behind, firing twice in quick succession. Dino caught one bullet in the left shoulder and shot the man, but another one had appeared to his left—and he could feel death’s breath on his face.

The final shot never came.

“You can’t even keep yourself alive without help.”

There was no deep-seated hate; only distaste layered Kyouya’s refined voice as he stepped on the corpse of the second man—but he was here, more deadly, more beautiful than ever, and he was the only reason why Dino was still alive.


Eisley – Many Funerals

It seemed to him that Tsuna had grown older in the past six months than he had in ten years.

“We don’t know who they are,” he spoke calmly enough despite the strain, evident everywhere else from the faint lines on his temple to the way he sat, shoulders slouched, the rest swallowed by the enormous sofa. Dino noticed the empty room but made no inquiry; Tsuna had sent every single one of his guardians to the frontline.

“They are military-trained,” Hibari said, standing with his back against the wall; his eyes never flickered toward Dino’s direction.

“Our contacts in the government claimed they knew nothing about this group either,” Tsuna added and the ghost of a smile quirked his lips slightly. “At least that was what they said.”

“Their resource is beyond what any independent group is capable of,” Dino argued. “Unity may be our only answer.”

He could feel Kyouya’s disgust, spearing through the tension like a lance of ice before the Cloud Guardian had even said anything.

“Against a guerilla group?”

The moment of familiarity nearly made Dino smile. “Let’s set a bait.” He found Kyouya’s eyes and remembered what they had looked like once, above him, under him, through a filter of time. And that was when it really hit him: they had not spoken with each other for five years.

“A bait?”

“Me,” he returned his attention to Tsuna. “Or you.”

The smile on Tsuna’s face was resigned. “It may be our only way out,” he agreed, almost too fast for Dino’s liking.

Kyouya said nothing, but once outside the door, he pushed Dino against the wall and bit his lips. Dino moaned, both surprise and five years of telling himself that it shouldn’t be, and when they kissed, it was hard and fast and leaving his lips bleeding red.

He had thousands of apologies scripted but Kyouya had not one forgiveness—and still, he braced himself against the wall and let Kyouya fuck him.


Say Anything – Alive With The Glory of Love

Sometimes he forgot how graceful Kyouya was in a fight.

He had none of the usual reserve when taking lives, none of the compassion of a human soul that might serve as constraints. He did not pause, he did not falter, and he blended in seamlessly between circles of Dino’s whip, between gaps of one bullet and the next. Only shadows moved as fluid as him, greedily swallowing every corner where light did not touch.

Dino’s heart beat violently in his chest; he knew the feeling well, a relic from fights on school rooftops and years of watching the boy grow into someone he loved more than life itself. Kyouya did not resist when Dino caught his wrist and pulled him close, almost thirty men bleeding to death in his wake.

He smirked, the dark fire in his eyes even stronger than it had been during the slaughter, and Dino crushed their lips together.

Hibari Kyouya was, had been, would always be his heaven and hell.


Owl City – Vanilla Twilight

The skyline glowed bright red when he entered the hotel room. Kyouya did not turn away from the window, arms crossed in front of his chest, and Dino felt apologies bubbling up his chest as he approached quietly. None made it past his lips.

They were lucky enough to be alive. Sending prayers of gratitude to every god above, he wrapped his arms around Kyouya’s warm body and breathed deeply.

“I love you.”

Kyouya never answered, but he tilted his head and pulled Dino down for a kiss, his grip in golden hair strong enough to fill his silence. Dino found himself smiling.

They made love as the city descended into a brightly lit night.


(Original Ending)
This was supposed to be the ending, the one I saw in my head while I was listening to ‘Vanilla Twilight’. But Kaitbb said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO when I told her it was angsty xD

“You don’t love me.”

“I don’t.” His smirk was still there, proud, unchallenged. For once, Dino didn’t want to kiss it until it melted into a smile; all he wanted was for it to be there, always.

“I could have dodged it,” he said, finding his voice thick with tears. Kyouya had never felt heavier in his arms. “Why?”

“You’re a herbivore.”


Kyouya did not answer; he would never again, but Dino knew what it was, had known since the first time the proud Cloud Guardian had walked back into his life.

You’re mine.


Nowadays, only Ella and Nicolò made him truly smile.

He had not expected to survive the massacre, even less to live so long and watch his grandchildren grow up. Life had been kind to him after the ‘war’—as kind as it could ever be. He had kept his Family afloat and his wife and son alive. He had given them his love, and then buried his wife in a quiet funeral, laid in a casket full of flowers when she too had left. He grew old with friends and the feel of his grandchildren’s small fingers around his own, the happiest he could ever hope for.

Throughout it all, Kyouya remained a little secret locked deep within. There were no trinket or memento; all he had were memories which waned with time and age, the imprints left in his heart, on his skin, and both were not timeless. One morning Dino woke up and found that he couldn’t remember what Kyouya’s voice had once sounded like.

It was the first time he had cried in years.

But time tiptoed past and robbed just a little more with each tick. Ella was now a beautiful girl of thirteen and she held his hand when they took a walk down the beach, no longer the other way around. She kissed his cheeks when she left and sometimes he would return to the beach alone as the afternoon waned. He would sit on the sand and look up to the sky, trying to remember.

Dino Cavallone died on a winter day, watching the sky burst into a silvery twilight.


Notes: Because, you know, it’s only fair that I kill him too in a fic at least once.
Tags: !drabbles, fandom: khr, pairing: d18

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