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The Road To Stockholm (1/?)

Title:The Road to Stockholm

Author: Jusrecht

Pairings: Zero x Suzaku and hints of SuzaLulu. Yes, they are different, you see.

Rating: PG-13 for now, M (NC-17) later

Warnings: Yaoi (see Pairings) and explicitness in the later chapters. SPOILERS up to episode 18 of the first season and will not follow the original storyline past that. Enough angst and messing up with head to break your brain.

Disclaimer: These fabulous characters and Code GEASS belong to Sunrise. I only own the plot of this fic.

Summary: After the shot from Avalon, Suzaku was captured by the Black Knight Order and from there, things got a little problematic.


A/N: This is my first foray into Livejournal. I have posted this fic in fanfiction.net but I’d like to share it here too. Please enjoy.


Chapter One


Suzaku had never felt more uncomfortable in his life.


He was lying on his side, left arm trapped uncomfortably under his weight and both hands twisted into an awkward position behind his back. He woke up with thick numbness clutching his body but when he tried to move, a variety of muscles screamed in protest.


Suzaku settled back onto the hard bedding with a groan, his head spinning madly. Squeezing his eyes shut, he waited until the pain subsided before risking another attempt to move. This time, it was a great deal smoother, only leaving a trace of uncomfortable stinging in his shoulders. However, it also made him realize that for some reasons, both of his hands were unable to move.


His eyes flew open immediately. A few tests and a desperate groan later, Suzaku came to the conclusion that his hands were bound, possibly with handcuffs if the hard metal digging into his wrist was anything to go by. As to how he could end up like this here–


And then he remembered. Of course.


No, not of course. The last thing he remembered was Zero. Zero in his Lancelot and he was pointing a gun at him. He was ready to die. He was ready to take Zero with him. Everything simply blurred past that point.


What had happened?


Carefully, Suzaku raised his head, deflecting a wave of incoming headache, and looked at his surrounding. The room was small, yellow-glazed under the light emitted by a single bulb hanging at the center of the room, and completely barren. Apparently he was lying on the floor, nothing but a thin sheet softening the ground for his bruised body.


That was when he realized that he no longer wore his pilot suit. In its place was a white T-shirt and loose pants, obviously much bigger than his normal size. And finally, a brief glance to his feet told him that they were also tied up.


Suzaku sighed and rested his head on the hard floor again. He tried to sort some things out, but the dull throbbing in his head did not help. There was only one thing he could make out: he was captured. He didn’t know who his captor was but had a pretty good guess on it.


Yes, he had a good guess. In fact, he was almost certain he was right.


Once more Suzaku glanced around. There was no camera or any other recording device as far as he could see. The only entrance into the room was a lone door standing at the far wall to his left. He wondered if it was guarded, but his ears only captured a distant hum, the kind of sound one would hear in total silence. It seemed that he was alone.


And suddenly he heard something. Suzaku stiffened. The sound started out softly, but it became clearer by the seconds and he realized a moment later that it was the sound of footsteps approaching.


Someone… no, three people were coming.


He watched the door with mounting anxiety and true enough, it was opened from the other side not long after. Two figures appeared at the doorway, both wearing black attires that he had come to know so well, guns ready on their hands. It was when his narrowed eyes fell on the third however, that he suddenly wished that his guess was wrong.


Considering how many times he had almost killed the leader of the Black Knight Order, it would be an absolute miracle if he managed to escape from this situation unharmed.


His captors stepped into the room without a word and approached him. Zero stopped a good few feet away but the other two proceeded to grab him, roughly pulling him up so he ended up kneeling in front of their leader. Suzaku didn’t fight them and only glared at the masked man, who dismissed his subordinates with a flick of his hand. They left the room and closed the door behind them, but there was no sound of footsteps to tell him that they were leaving.


“Major Kururugi,” Zero addressed him, his tone formal but with a hint of derision in it. Suzaku didn’t answer and only continued to glare. This, however, didn’t seem to bother the terrorist.


“I hope you aren’t too uncomfortable,” he said again, this time more casually. His voice was rich and deep and had a familiar tinge in it, which strangely reminded Suzaku to summer. But that didn’t make sense. This man would be the last person on Earth he could relate to summer in any way.


“I cannot care less whether I’m comfortable or not,” he replied defiantly, silently wishing that his voice sounded stronger but absence of use had left it rough and a little on the weak side. “What do you want with me?”


“Your cooperation obviously,” the masked man answered, “but it appears that I will need to apply a little persuasion.”


“You will need a lot more than that.”


“So I’ve noticed,” Zero said mildly and stepped closer, his full height towering over him. “You misunderstand my intention. I know you disagree with many of my methods, but we essentially want the same thing. The liberation of Japan. The freedom of its people from oppression. So what say you if we join forces?”


“No,” the answer left his mouth as soon as the offer was put forth. “And I have no forces whatsoever. You’re looking in the wrong place.”


“You set a very low value on yourself,” the other man informed him, amusement shading his voice. “I’m talking about half of the Japanese population who regard you as a hero. I’m talking about your position as the son of Japan’s former Prime Minister and the influence you have on these people. Don’t tell me you aren’t aware about this.”


In fact, he wasn’t, but Suzaku wasn’t about to admit it to a terrorist who also happened to be his captor, and so he stayed silent.


“Too bad,” Zero said again, not a trace of surprise in his voice. “Anyway, now you know your price in our bargain.”


Suzaku could only stare at him for a long moment. He must admit that he was lost. This was the man he had tried to kill not only once or twice, but many, many times, and if he could as much as move right now, he would do it again without the slightest hesitation. And he was fairly certain that Zero knew it too. For him and the rest of the Black Knight, it would be better if the pilot of Lancelot didn’t exist.


But Zero was still waiting for his response, and so he opened his mouth again. “Even if what you say is true, I think they like me because I am who I am,” he answered, refusing to give up his ground no matter how little. “And I’m not going to join you.”


This didn’t seem to discourage the masked man. “Well, then let me tell you about our current situation,” he purred and started circling his prisoner slowly, black cape rustling in his wake, and Suzaku realized that they were playing the predator-and-prey game.


“You have disappeared,” Zero began with a flourish of his cape, nothing short of a professional story-teller, “but I’m still alive. The world has seen that I’m still alive. Your mission failed. In Britannia, you are considered a deserter at best or a traitor at worst. No one knows of your whereabouts. To half of the Japanese people who love you deeply, your disappearance proves that there is no hope for them. To the other half, it’s an immense relief.”


He paused and when his voice pealed again, it was right in front of the young soldier’s ear. “But to me, it’s an opportunity.”


Suzaku turned and stared at the mask, trying to contain his anger at this obvious attempt of intimidation. “My answer hasn’t changed,” he retorted sharply.


“I won’t be so quick to say that,” the other man said, his voice as cold as ice, and Suzaku suddenly found his inability to look at his opponent’s face very unsettling. Above everything else, this was what made him realize that they didn’t stand on an equal ground.


“No, I won’t submit to you,” he repeated, hoping that none of his uneasiness was reflected in his voice. “You will have to kill me first.”


“You haven’t heard the rest,” Zero told him calmly and something in his tone made Suzaku feel nervous all of a sudden. “I want you to consider my proposition carefully because your answer may affect someone else’s fate.”


A shocked silence followed and Suzaku felt his world collapsing around him. If there was something he feared more than to see someone dying in front of his eyes, it was to be the cause of their death.


“What?” he whispered, his voice almost inaudible.


Even with the mask, he could tell that the terrorist was pleased at the effect of his words. “I don’t need the whole school,” Zero said slowly, as if to give his two next sentences a grander entrance, a proper emphasis. “Only one. That dark-haired boy, for example?”




A different kind of fear rushed in his blood, along with a surge of anger. “Don’t you dare touch him!” Suzaku shouted, feeling his whole body trembling.


The other man acted like he didn’t hear his outburst. “He is your friend, isn’t he? And I heard he’s very smart. He will be useful for the Order if I can get him to join, which I can assure you will happen if your answer fails to please me.”


“You’re a bastard,” the angry words came out through gritted teeth. “You’re a damn terrorist!”


“I am someone who focuses on the result, a point which you have made yourself several weeks ago.”


Suzaku could almost hearthe smirk in his voice. He sank back, strength draining from his body, fear, panic and hatred replacing them in every nook and crevice. He wasn’t certain if there was anyone in this world he hated more than this man right now.


“Don’t touch him,” he whispered, hating how pitiful it sounded, almost like he was pleading.


“Then you have to consider my offer carefully,” Zero stated and turned around, leaving him with a nightmare worse than any he had ever experienced because once more, he might just kill someone he loved.


End Chapter One


 The next chapter will be out in a few days. Thank you for reading and please tell me what you think.

Chapter Two

Tags: fandom: code geass, pairing: lelouch/suzaku, pairing: zero/suzaku

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  • WonKyu fic dump #1

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